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work experience

Have you been thinking about offering work experience opportunities through your business. Perhaps you’ve been putting it off because you don’t have the time to organise a program.

Work experience is a win-win situation for both your business and the participant, you’ll be surprised at the benefits it will bring to your business.

Here are some of the top 5 benefits that work experience can bring to your business.

1 Creates staff for the future – prepared the way you like it

Work experience will give you positive input into the development of future staff within your industry.   As more and more people gain work experience through your organisation you can shape your workforce and be seen as a leader in futureproofing the industry that you value.

2 Develops Leadership within Your Team

When a person enters your workplace in a work experience program, it provides an opportunity for your existing staff to showcase their skills and provide training and mentorship. It gives your employees the chance to develop their own team leadership skills and makes them feel valued and important to your business. This is also a good time for you to see which staff naturally demonstrate good leadership skills and it might help you choose your next team leader.

3 It’s at no cost

Another benefit to your business of creating a work experience program is that it’s doesn’t cost your business. If you are worried about paying and organising insurance, it is also covered under the Governments National Work Experience Program, so you will not need to organise it yourself.  What you can do as an employer is offer a reference to the work experience staff as a way to give them back value for their time and energy.

4 Energy Injection and a different viewpoint

Having new people doing work experience for your even if only for a short while can bring a breath of fresh air into the team. While for many of your staff, after being at the business for some time, they may be accustomed to certain processes and systems, whereas when a new person comes into the picture, they bring a different perspective.

When it comes to social media and the internet, the young generation have a lot to offer. Maybe they can help you set up your company Facebook page or help brainstorm ideas for a social media competition. So make the work experience staff feel welcome and comfortable so that they can contribute to their ideas to you.

5 It’s a Great Recruitment Strategy

If you are looking to attract a new staff to your team, but want to see how well they perform on the job or how well they fit in with your team, then offering work experience programmes is a great way to go about this. Once the work placement is finished, if they prove to be a great catch, you can always offer them a role. If you don’t have a large recruitment budget, work experience is a good way to hire someone and then train them up for the role.