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The Energise Model

The Energise Model

Olympus Solutions offers its services using ‘The Energise Model’ – here we show how the model works from your first contact with us to the support offered to you after you have been employed in a job.

If you are an employer, a person looking for work or in a job but require additional support to succeed, ‘The Energise Model’ is for you! It has been specifically designed with your needs in mind and you will find it very different from the run of the mill employment service.

We have trialled our new model and it works! Feedback from employers and job seekers is overwhelmingly positive.  If you want to have a snapshot of the difference, think of an active, energised and engaging Apple store versus a medical centre waiting room where you… wait!


1. MyWorkSearch

Register your details on the MyWorkSearch portal. Your Employment Advisor will show you how. Here you can upload your CV. You will also find some great tips on how to present yourself for employment. Jora the MyWorkSearch job aggregator will help you find great jobs in your local area. It will also help you report your job search efforts.


2. Customer Care Centre

Call our friendly and helpful staff who will set an appointment for you to come into one of our sites so we can meet you and find out more about you. Our Customer Service Centre is also available to offer you intermittent support throughout your job search.


3. Service Activation

We will meet with you to find out what you are good at doing and what job goals you have. We will meet with you at least twice a month in person to make sure we are both doing what we need to do to get you a  job. We will also work with you to make sure you are doing what Centrelink needs you to do with your job search commitments.


4. Skills Builder

In the Skills Builder phase we will focus on what the employers in your local area are looking for, and what skills you need to get work. We can also show you jobs that interest you in other areas. The MyWorkSearch portal can help identify training that may be helpful to you so you can reach your goals and our links with TAFEs and apprenticeship centres will help you explore your training options.

When we meet with you, there will be one-on-one support or you
could work within groups to help develop the skills you need and motivation for you to succeed. If you are a young person, you can meet and mix with other young people. If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander we can connect you with mentors and other people from your culture. If you have a disability you can choose to meet with other people that may share similar experiences to you.


5. Job Finder

We will work with you to undertake a range of things to find work, including computer based searches using our MyWorkSearch portal, and our staff speaking directly with employers to get you a start. We will offer you Work for the Dole (WfD) programs where appropriate to ensure you are work ready and have the required skills. Olympus Solutions will help you identify at least five jobs a week you can apply for.


6. Job Keeper

Once you get a job we will work with you and your employer to make sure everything goes smoothly. To do this we will be in contact with you at least once a week for the first twelve weeks of your new job and once a fortnight after that until you have been in the job for six months. This can include meeting with you at the workplace or more flexible arrangements such as phone calls before or after work, texts, emails or social media services we operate through our Customer Service Centre.

Our Networks

We will use our network of employers and community groups to provide employment opportunities, Work for the Dole placements, and health and community services.

Through our Partnership Team members we develop employment opportunities with large national employers and work with other jobactive providers to find opportunities for our job seekers.

For people with a disability, we have a wide network of support for meeting your accommodation, case management and access needs. Our migrant support groups provide programs focussed on improving English language skills and networks.

Our Indigenous networks cover all communities in the region and we have good relationships with many local uncles, aunties and elders.

Other community supports include Back2Work – a leading health specialist and ‘headspace’ who provide youth mental health and wellbeing support.

You are encouraged to share your experience with us in any manner suitable to you. We take responsibility for meeting the needs of our customers and this approach is at the core of how we operate.

We look forward to working with you!

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