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ParentsNext – returning to work

An introduction to Olympus Solutions’ MyTime service.

Helping parents with young children prepare for employment.

MyTime has been developed specifically for the delivery of the ParentsNext program. It is designed to prepare parents of young children for future employment or study and so reduce the risk of long-term welfare dependency.

The MyTime service has been operating in the Wyong local government area since April 2016 and is being rolled out across Olympus Solutions’ Sydney, Central Coast and Lower Hunter sites.

Its focus is providing parents with training, support, and opportunity suited to their specific needs, flexible service delivery across a variety of locations, and ongoing service improvements based on participant feedback.

Customer focused

The MyTime service recognises the diverse backgrounds, education, skills and work experience of each participant, and tailors the program to each customer’s needs.

This is driven by a customised Participation Plan that maps a given customer’s background, needs, skills and goals to an achievable employment path. Training and support — both vocational and non-vocational — are provided specific to each customer.

Timeliness and convenience

Parents of young children can be  time-challenged. They may find it difficult to maintain a schedule around the needs of their child and family. They may initially be reluctant (even scared) to leave their child in care.

MyTime provides flexibility and convenience for customers. Varied locations such as Olympus offices and community organisations give participants a range of options when seeking MyTime services.

Further, internet-based and other technology-based options enable customers to ‘connect’ with services when, where and how is convenient for them.

Local knowledge

The MyTime service operates at a local level and has strong connections to community organisations and other local employment services.

We have expert knowledge of the local labour market, and have strong relationshipswith many local employers, training schemes and employment agencies. This enablesus to provide skills and training, employer introductions, work experience and access tojobactive and DES providers to discuss concurrent support.

At a glance
  • Personalised, tailored and customer-focused service intune with needs of parents with young children.
  • Access to training partners and non-vocational support.
  • Flexible and covenient delivery of services determined by the needs of each individual.
  • Local focus, community awareness and involvement.
  • Utilises our expertise in employment programs and our knowledge of local labour markets.
  • Outcomes and feedback drive ongoing service improvements.

The Olympus Solutions ‘MyTime’ ParentsNext service is availablein the following regions:

  • Sydney
  • The Central Coast
  • The Lower Hunter

To speak to one of our recruitment consultants today about the ParentsNext program, call 1800 447 427 or email and we will be in touch.

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