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Olympus Solutions is a joint venture between some of the employment sector’s leading organisations, each bringing its own skills and experience to provide the best employment solutions. Jointly we can deliver larger, more collaborative and innovative employment services, whilst simplifying contract management for Government.

Olympus Solutions recognises that deep relationships with employers hold the solution to successful employment outcomes and following extensive consultation with employers, the Olympus Solutions service model,  ‘Energise’  will be based on the foundation of a quality employer relationship. This critical relationship is the key to job seekers being successful in not only gaining a job but achieving job retention and sustainability. For employers this relationship means superior employment solutions.

Olympus Solutions member Ability Options is renowned as having a strong  track record in building and sustaining quality relationships, with employer engagement success stories and repeat business rising.

Ability Options CEO Fred Van Steel said “…it is securing and sustaining a meaningful job that delivers dignity, self-respect, independence and a sense of belonging in the community to the individual.  The focus of Olympus Solutions is on the delivery of superior employment outcomes via quality employer relationships. That is what drives the consortium members to work together – it is the key to our service model. The Olympus Solutions network will deliver an efficient result on a national basis through a collaborative network of experienced and trained Employer Liaison Consultants.”

Ability Options Executive Leader, Employment and Social Enterprise, Brenda Odewahn added “that engaging with employers, knowing what their business intentions are and working with them to meet their labour needs now and in the future, is integral to a quality partnership.  Following through on commitments and being available to assist with hurdles faced along the way is vital.”

The employer engagement process will include a single point of contact for the employer with the provision of an employer service guarantee which details the service and support expectations on Olympus Solutions.  Olympus Solutions makes the process easy for employers so that they can focus on their business.

Mike Hicks owner of the Outback Steakhouse franchise in Penrith said that he immediately contacts Ability Options for his staffing needs as “they know what I am looking for in my staff, my expectations and my business needs.  I have worked with them since 2010 and I introduced them to my franchisee colleagues across greater Sydney who also had excellent outcomes”.