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Maxwell’s Journey to Achieving his Career Goals

Maxwell joined the Olympus Solutions’, Disability Employment Services in Cabramatta through a referral from our Community and School Liasion Team

While Maxwell’s previous experience was in a different field, his career goal was to become a bus driver. The Cabramatta team put a plan in place to help him achieve his career goals. This included providing Maxwell with pre-employment preparation, such as training for operating a medium rigid class motor vehicle, resume review, interview training, and clothing amongst others

Using our networks, a bus driver vacancy was sourced at the Kingsgrove Community Aid, and Maxwell was promoted as a candidate to the employer. During the negotiations, the team ensured the employer included training to cater to Maxwells limited experience as a bus driver.
In the first few weeks of Maxwell’s employment, Olympus Solutions provided work-related clothing. They also made sure he settled in well with the broader team at Kingsgrove Community Aid.

Maxwell is enjoying his job. “Olympus Solutions have helped me a lot. I feel more confident and happier. They found me the right job with the right employer. This is the best employer I have ever worked with,” he says.

His employer at Kingsgrove Community Aid is also extremely happy with Maxwell’s excellent performance and helpful personality. Maxwell is now saving up for his wedding and feels that he has much more financial stability



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