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Jobactive Therapy Services

Our therapy services are currently running practical workshops in the following areas to assist your COVID-19 and achieving your work goals.

As an employment service user, you have access to therapy supports and professional advice, at no cost to you.We offer individualised 1-1 vocational counselling as well workshops. Our therapy services will give practical management strategies in the following areas 

  • Managing anxiety 
  • Drug and Alcohol counseling
  • Unemployment stress
  • Budgeting strategies 
  • Self-care
  • Coping with stress

Managing anxiety

Anxiety can interfere with your day-to-day function, and take a heavy toll on your personal relationships, career, and ability to enjoy life if left untreated.  Counseling has two core benefits in managing anxiety; it can significantly reduce anxiety symptoms, and equip you with lifelong skills to prevent symptoms of anxiety from reoccurring.
Together we can help you determine the following:
  • What is anxiety?
  • What are the symptoms of anxiety and when it will most likely appear?
  • How to overcome anxiety
  • Managing unknown and uncertain times with COVID
  • Manage anxiety to deal better with what is currently happening 

Drug and Alcohol counselling 

The therapy team at Ability Options are committed to supporting clients in overcoming their drug and alcohol barriers. Receiving support and treatment is crucial for those experiencing drug and alcohol difficulties. Our drug and alcohol counsellors and psychologists have training and experience to support you with
  • effective management strategies
  • achievable short and long-term goals,
  • techniques to maintain lasting improvements in your habits, relationships, and lifestyle.

Unemployment stress

Unemployment stress is a common and real condition that many people are experiencing right now. Our counselors will work with you to break down and combat unemployment stress by 

  • Defining and normalising it as being both common and situational.
  • Going through various ways in which it may present. These cover physical, emotional, and behavioral issues.
  • Discovering various practical tips to help combat unemployment stress.
  • Offering advice on further assistance and a reminder of the most important points discussed earlier.

Budgeting Strategies

This current crisis presents an extraordinary financial challenge to those who are unemployed. The financial uncertainty necessitates a change in many of our clients lifestyles and financial habits.
The group sessions will focus on:
• What is budgeting and why is it important?
• The signs and impact of financial stress and anxiety.
• Practical tips for budgeting and dealing with your finances on a daily basis.


    Our therapist can work with you to learn; how to do self-care and why it’s such an important part of your well-being. Together we can work on understanding

    • Benefits of self care
    • What is self care
    • The importance of self care

    Coping with stress

    With the current demands made of you, sometimes these demands exceed your ability to cope. This program looks at :

    • Stress and ways to cope with stress 
    • Coping skills and the benefits to daily life with less stress 
    • The cycle of anger and ways to manage stress 
    • The stages of loss and grief
    • The benefit of strengths exploration


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