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Shant’s new job ensures a smooth resettlement in Australia

Shant resettled in Australia almost six months ago, as a Syrian refugee, and was very keen to assimilate in his new country and to find work and support his family. Shant has numerous trade skills and qualifications as a car mechanic, but unfortunately, his qualifications were not recognised in Australia. Shant also had limited English language skills, so communication was another hurdle to overcome to find employment.


Megan, Shant’s Employment Liaison Consultant, was amazed by his motivation and willingness to work and organised work experience with Scuderia European Pty Ltd.

Scuderia European, based in Villawood specialise in the service and repair of popular European cars. Kushan, the CFO, was advised by Megan about Shant’s limited English communication skills. However, Kushan was keen to meet with Shant, because Avo, the Director of the company, who speaks Arabic, was willing to translate and mentor Shant.

Kushan was very impressed by Shant’s skills, personality and eagerness to work, and decided to offer him full time employment. Olympus Solutions supported Shant in starting his new job by assisting with the purchase of car insurance, work tools, clothing and equipment he needed for his new job.

Shant has now been working with Scuderia European for about a month as a full-time Mechanic Assistant, and is quickly improving his language skills by studying English in the evenings.

Shant is the second candidate from Olympus Solutions to start with Scuderia European recently, The jobactive recruitment service is clearly working for everyone involved.

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