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Shannon is all revved up for his new job

Shannon has always had a love for cars, whether it’s driving them, or keeping up with the latest brands, models, you name it, Shannon is in the know.

With this passion and dedication to cars, he completed a Certificate II in Automotive Services at TAFE in 2016 and then began searching for a role. Initially, without experience it was challenging to get his foot in the door.


So Shannon approached Olympus Solutions and through our jobactive program had a meeting with one of the Employment Consultants and together they explored Shannon’s goals and skills.

Olympus Solutions contacted Tumbi Tyres and referred Shannon for an interview and he was offered an internship opportunity as Tyre Fitter.

Shannon learnt the job quickly and has continued working for the company as a casual, ongoing employee after his initial internship period.

Shannon has a passion for this industry and has been enjoying this role as it has given him the opportunity to learn about the business, grow skills in his chosen area of tyre fitting and also give him a career path for the future. He is hoping this role will open up new doors for him in the future such as starting an apprenticeship where he can further develop a specialisation.

“I’ve always loved cars. It’s been my life. Starting a job at Tumbi Tyres has been really great as it’s helped me get my feet on the ground. The team have been friendly and helped me learn the job and I’ve really been enjoying this role. In the future, I’d love to be able to start my own business in the automotive industry.”

Tumbi Tyres was also very pleased with Shannon as they have been able to train and assess suitability to employment while Shannon was doing his work experience. Having a candidate like Shannon who already has the required certification has been great as he has become a valued member of the team very quickly.

“He’s been a great addition to the team, very helpful and willing to put in the hard yards. Olympus Solutions  has also been good to work with because they’ve given us the type of candidate we were looking for. Shannon’s picked up on the role quickly and is learning more and more each day” Says David from Tumbi Tyres.

Well done Shannon, from the team at Olympus Solutions we wish you well as you continue working with cars.

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