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Ready 2 Learn Makes A Difference

Ready 2 Learn Early Childhood Centre approached Olympus Solutions eager to provide opportunities for people with a disability across their 4 Sydney locations. As a former Board Member of a disability organisation, their Director, Julie White was familiar with the benefits of employing a person with a disability.

In line with this mission to provide an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education, Ready 2 Learn believed that engaging the children with someone with a disability from an early age would be beneficial for their learning and development and also work towards creating more acceptance and tolerance in our future generations.

Olympus Solutions provided Ready 2 Learn with a shortlist of candidates who would be a great fit for their organisation with the right skills, qualifications and attitude.

One of the successful candidates was Shoshana who was studying her Certificate III in Childcare and was looking to find a position within the childcare industry. She was offered a work experience placement at Ready 2 Learn, and from there Shoshana showed her skills and abilities to be a super star childcare worker. After the Work Experience placement was complete, Ready 2 Learn hired Shoshana as an ongoing Child Care Support Worker while she finishes her certificate in childcare at TAFE.

We are pleased to report that due to the support of Ready to learn and the Changemaker Employer Support program which provides ongoing support post placement that we are seeing all the successful candidates develop in their role and make a real difference in their lives as they now have sustainable employment, a greater social network and more financial independence.

Elissa Sandersen HR Manager for Ready to learn says of the experience “Ready 2 Learn were delighted with the candidates introduced by Ability Options and found the recruitment process simple and straight forward. Getting to know the individuals was nothing short of inspiring and seeing how they work with the children and our fellow employees was deeply satisfying. Ready 2 Learn employed 3 individuals and in doing so discovered a new perspective unlike any other. Their passion, determination and resilience is uplifting and has equipped our teams with greater motivation and purpose.”

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