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Andrew’s Keeps Customers Smiling

When Andrew first met with Olympus Solutions, he came across as eager to find regular employment,

At that time, Andrew was only working in a casual capacity at Wyong Lunch Box, a local café and his hours were few and far between. His lack of hours was impacting his ability to create financial stability and a sense of career direction. The issue of underemployment is significant for many people like Andrew as many workers are not able to secure enough hours to fill their full availability.


Olympus Solutions has been working with job candidates like Andrew to find ways to keep them fully engaged in employment. Olympus Solutions met with Wyong Lunch Box Manager, Ray, to discuss the possibility of offering Andrew more regular hours and offering the employer a wage subsidy.

Through the wage subsidy the employer was able to receive a financial incentive to continue employing Andrew and also being patient while he learns new skills for the food and beverage industry.

“Andrew has been a good fit for our team. He’s been doing a good job, particularly in terms of preparing the sandwiches, taking orders correctly and making sure the till adds up. When it comes to social skills, that’s something Andrew has improved in quite a bit in the past few months and I can see his willingness to continue improving. He’s becoming much more comfortable in his interactions with the customers” says Ray.

Throughout the initial period of Andrew’s role, he was receiving support from our Mentor to give him the encouragement to succeed in the role. Now, Andrew has adjusted well into his role and continues to be an integral part of the Wyong Lunch Box team.

Andrew is now enjoying his job at the café, working with his team and also developing his customer service skills.

For Andrew, finding steady, regular employment has been a huge leap forward in his life as it has given him a newfound sense of independence and confidence.


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