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Fashion Fan Natalie Celebrates One Year Anniversary with H&M

Natalie, a participant of the employment services was offered her dream job after she worked closely with her Employment Consultant. Her story of how she built her confidence is truly inspiring.

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UConnect October – November 2019

Olympus Solutions run their Targeted Pre-Employment Program, UConnect for the fifth time for youth participants aged between 16-24years.

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Uconnect: Skill Building Workshop

UConnect, recently hosted at our Bateau Bay offices, saw eight regular participants attending the two-week program.

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Aussie Gardening and Cleaning – a Champion Employer for People with Disabilities

A big shout out to a champion employer, Aussie Gardening and Cleaning for actively encouraging and supporting the employment of people with disabilities.

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Bunnings Lake Haven hosts Kiah for AccessAbility Day

Let us share with you Kiah’s opportunity to experience a customer service role for AccessAbility Day 2019.

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Martin Total Tools

Alex’s Story

Alex has swapped his work boots for a sharp set of chef knives and is making a terrific start to his new career. In a short amount of time the ambitious protégée has already been promoted from being a kitchen hand to doing entrees and desserts for The Italian Restaurant at The Entrance.

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Jess Gets to Work with Her Hands

Let us share with you our Seventeen-year-old Jess’s story that can’t wipe the smile from her face.

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Maxwell’s Journey to Achieving his Career Goals

Maxwell joined the Olympus Solutions’, Disability Employment Services in Cabramatta through a referral from our Community

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Harry’s pursuit of his dream career in Media

From the start Harry was passionate to work as a media critic, with a dream to have a YouTube channel critiquing videos and movies. Harry also came to WorkReady with the goal to improve his independence, confidence and to improve his social skills.

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Janet gets inspired at Webprofits

Web Profits is a full-service digital growth consultancy that partners with clients on innovative technical and outstanding creative initiatives that break through the noise and deliver results. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, South East Asia and the USA. The Sydney office hosted Janet, who has a keen interest and some experience in digital and social media as part of AccessAbility Day.

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AccessAbility Day pays off for Alex

From AccessAbility Day job trial to Internship with on the job training to now paid employment at Jimmy G’s Cafe.

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Timothy Breaks down Barriers

Timothy was determined to work but felt sometimes it near impossible to find sustainable employment for himself.

Timothy already had a job but his hours were inconsistent and it was not in his industry of choice, so he came to Olympus Solutions | Ability Options Merrylands site as a voluntary participant looking for support in finding more suitable long-term employment.

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HP Hosts a Jobseeker for AccessAbility Day

When Parul from Ability Options approached Sanjay about hosting someone with a disability to shadow him for a day in his role, it resonated very well not just with his personal values of inclusion and equality,  but also with HPE’s culture of embracing everyone’s differences.

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Benjamin’s Story

Attending the WorkReady service two days a week. Benjamin worked on his workplace communication skills as well as resume and cover letter writing, budgeting and money handling skills.

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Ellen’s story

Anyone that meets Ellen for the first time, they will instantly know that Ellen is truly a wonderful human who is driven to succeed and goal oriented.

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Picked for Success

Olympus Solutions partnered with a local RTO/Recruiter (Inspire Global Group ), to assist Woolworths to employ staff for its new
‘Dark Store’ in Brookvale.

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Varun’s Story

Varun grew up in India and completed Year 12 and secured a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications. But he dreamed of a better future for himself and his future family so Varun migrated to Australia.

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Cindy’s Story

Cindy walked in to our newly opened Liverpool office, curious about the service we provide.  After meeting with our staff she immediately decided to register with us to find a job.

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Aaron’s story

Aaron had been searching for his ideal job for quite a while. He’s dream job was working in the hospitality industry as a barista. His confidence was very low and he felt as through his dream was slipping away and would never eventuate for him.

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Ready 2 Learn Makes A Difference

Ready 2 Learn Early Childhood Centre approached Olympus Solutions eager to provide opportunities for people with a disability across their 4 Sydney locations. As a former Board Member of a disability organisation, their Director, Julie White was familiar with the benefits of employing a person with a disability.

More about Ready 2 Learn Makes A Difference’s Story

Brooke’s Story

Brooke had been seeking a job opportunity for some time when she came across Olympus Solutions. She decided to meet an Employment consultant and ask about her career options.
Initially, she wasn’t too sure of what career path she wanted to take but she was keen to try different industries.

More about Brooke’s Story

Peter’s Story

Meet Peter, he’s a great handyman, loves to work outdoors and was seeking job opportunities that would be long term and sustainable.

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Mathew’s Story

Mathew was referred to Olympus Solutions through Centrelink’s New Start program. Olympus Solutions then referred him to the retail and warehousing project at St.Vincent de Paul Society.

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Shannon’s Story

Shannon has always had a love for cars, whether it’s driving them, or keeping up with the latest brands, models, you name it, Shannon is in the know.

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Andrew’s Story

When Andrew first met with Olympus Solutions, he came across as eager to find regular employment. He had little exposure to the workforce and was looking for support in becoming more skilled and equipped to secure regular employment. That’s where Olympus Solutions came in.

More about Andrews’s Story

Graham’s Story

Graham switched to Olympus Solutions from another provider, commencing with us in May 2017. His initial appointment coincided with a jobseeker focused marketing day being facilitated onsite at The Entrance so the site was busy with lots of activities, workshops, Q & A sessions and people focused on finding jobs.

More about Graham’s Story

Takeshi’s Story

Japanese jobseeker Takeshi was unemployed for close to two years. As English was Takeshi’s second language, he found it difficult to find work and this became a significate barrier to employment for him. Olympus Solutions assisted Takeshi in addressing his language barrier, supporting him in completing a Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program until his English was at a suitable level for employment purposes

More about Takeshi’s Story

John’s Story

John was long term unemployed, and hadn’t worked for 15 years. Since registering with Olympus Solutions, John slowly gained his confidence, started to believe in himself and made plans to return to the workforce.

More about John’s Story

Emma excels at Eurella

Emma joined the WorkReady service in July 2018 with her goals being to secure part-time role where she is able to help others and to build upon her confidence and independence through life skills.

With the support of Workready, she’s now achieved this goal, find out how…


Top Results at Top Coat

Let us share with you Tayler’s story of gaining an apprenticeship at Top Coat.

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Martin Total Tools

Martin’s Story

TOTAL TOOLS (IMPORTING) were all set to open a new store in Brookvale as part of their expansion into NSW. As the Brookvale site was TOTAL TOOLS’ first extension into NSW, they wanted to partner with a local organisation with knowledge of local jobseekers and chose to partner with Olympus Solution for their recruitment needs.

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Jamie’s Story

After 86 months of being unemployed, Jamie is now working in “the best job he ever had”.

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From perceptions of barriers to a position of empowerment

When Andrew attended job interviews not only did he have to show that he was the most suitable candidate from the job but also had to convince prospective employers to not let their thoughts about disability affect their decision making in hiring him.

Find out how Andrew went from perceptions of barriers to a position of empowerment.

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Shant’s Story

Shant resettled in Australia almost six months ago, as a Syrian refugee, and was very keen to assimilate in his new country and to find work and support his family. Shant has numerous trade skills and qualifications as a car mechanic, but unfortunately, his qualifications were not recognised in Australia.

More about Shant’s Story

Naser’s Journey

Naser joined the Olympus Solutions DES Employment Services in January 2019. A Kuwait born Iraqi refugee, Naser arrived in Australia six years ago.

More about Naser’s Journey

Chrystyna proves there is a role out there for everyone

Chrystyna, a participant of the employment services offered at our Blacktown office, registered with us when she was 64 years old.

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Youth Job Path initiative contributes to Coast Shelter

Ability Options | Olympus Solutions recently joined with AETS in a Youth Jobs Path project to fund-raise and build toiletry sets to donate to Coast Shelter

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