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Jess Gets to Work with Her Hands

Seventeen-year-old Jess had been feeling disengaged from school for a few months and signed out of school before completing Year 11.

Based on a recommendation from a friend, Jess’s Mum contacted the Schools and Community Liaison Officer (SCLO) at Illawarra to discuss how Olympus Solutions can assist Jess to move forward.

Jess was already working two shifts per week at Hoyts, however, this was not what she wanted to do as a long term career. Jess was keen to work with her hands and decided she would like to work in a non-traditional role as a motor mechanic, preferably working on bikes.

Jess’s resume was tailored for this particular role, and the Employment Engagement Consultant (EEC), along with Jess, started contacting employers and Jess was offered an Apprenticeship by Steve Riveiro at REVY’s Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning.

Steve was so impressed with Jess that he offered her an apprenticeship as either an Auto Electrician or an Auto Mechanic; it was to be her choice. Steve gave her a few weeks of work experience in each of these roles so she can get a feel for them before she decided on an apprenticeship as an Auto Electrician.

With the support and motivation from her consultants and Jess’s ability to remain positive, it only took her less than three months from registering to obtain a position in her chosen career.

Today you can’t wipe the smile from Jess’s face.

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