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Janet gets inspired at Webprofits.

Webprofits is a full-service digital growth consultancy that partners with clients on innovative technical and outstanding creative initiatives that break through the noise and deliver results. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, South East Asia and the USA.

The Sydney office hosted Janet, who has a keen interest and some experience in digital and social media as part of AccessAbility Day.

Natalie from Webprofits said of the experience “Diversity in our team is an essential part of helping us generate innovative, fresh ideas, so we were very excited to participate in AccessAbility day, and to welcome Janet for a day in the life of a Digital Marketing consultant. She brought a positive, can-do energy to our team and was excited to get absorbed in every part of our business.”

Janet also really enjoyed her time at Webprofits and said “ They are so fast paced and professional, I learnt so much about digital and social media in a short amount of time. I was also really impressed watching one of their designers create fresh, moving image content so quickly, and it looked amazing. After the experience at Webprofits I am looking at incorporating design as part of my degree”


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