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My Name is Sam, I’m A Survivor

A warm hello. My name is Sam, I’m a survivor.
I have experienced a lot of life for a 28 year old and it took me almost all of that time to see that for every negative contact there has been an abundant positive to outweigh them. Its not often we are able to see the finished product in the midst of a hurricane, actually, I don’t believe there is such thing as a finished product. We forever learn, expand, and our growth may be nurtured or it will go unseen.

I want to personally thank Sharna in the ParentsNext program for assisting me with moving forward to improve my life. I was able to be completely honest with Sharna about my overwhelming situation, my ongoing management of trauma based mental health, my healing strategies and struggles, and my first priority of being a good mother to my son.

Thinking about study and work was the last thing on my mind when I was quite simply focusing on keeping myself alive. Sharna genuinely understood and helped me overcome certain barriers with no extra pressure, and guided me to ample opportunities I am so truly grateful for.

She referred me to many mental health management and personal development services including Happiness Habits, Women Empowering Women course, and the Better Days Program. These services have planted so many fruitful seeds in my garden. Since completing the WEW and the Better Days programs, I have felt such a positive shift within myself.

I’m achieving my goals and taking on new endeavours. I feel more capable than I have in a long time and finally have a sense of direction for my future in regards to commencing my education and eventually employment in the mental health field so I am able to use my life experience and newfound passion to help other women who have been in my situation.

Being a mum can be really hard, mentally, physically and emotionally. Having a program such as ParentsNext that is able to focus on and nurture different needs and changing circumstances of each family to contribute to society which prepares us to re-enter the workforce is very important. For me, connection within community and a supportive network is vital.

I thank you again especially to the angels Sharna and the women behind Happiness Habits, Sally and Penny for being a part of a very bright and powerful domino effect in changing the lives and wellbeing of mothers.

Olympus Solutions would like to invite current participants of our ParentsNext program to a Family Day and Forum at our Charlestown office to gain your feedback on the program.Click Here to know more about this event



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