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Work Experience

As an employer, the benefit of participating in our work experience program is that you not only receive an additional staff member in the team for a specified time, but you are also helping someone gain real world experience.

To assist a job seeker to gain real work-like experience your role as a work experience provider will involve:

  • providing a work experience placement
  • providing supervision, on-the-job training and monitoring attendance, and
  • ensuring that the placement meets all relevant work health and safety requirements.

This work experience could be a stepping stone for you to hire the candidate in an ongoing position following the placement. However, there is no obligation for you to hire a job seeker following the placement if they do not meet your business needs.

It gives you the chance to trial someone and see what their potential is before making any ongoing hiring decisions. This approach minimises risk to your business and ensures that there is a much greater chance of retaining great staff.

Should you decide the job seeker is a good fit for your organisation, we will work with you to finalise the recruitment of the job seeker.

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