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Preparing for your Face to Face Appointment

COVID-19 support for Jobseekers : Face to Face Appointment

In addition to your scheduled appointments and services, our team are also available to answer any questions or concerns you may have around the current situation.

The team are being kept up to date on the latest Government information, but we are also available to have a chat generally about how the situation is affecting you. If you do not have internet access and request a face to face appointment, for the health safety of our staff and the community please ensure you follow the following to attend an appointment at one of our offices.

  • Contact our Customer service Centre on 1300 422 454 and advise you would like to come in for a face to face appointment.
  • Ensure you follow good personal hygiene following the direction of NSW health
  • Practise social distancing direction from NSW Health
  • Follow good hand washing hygiene from NSW health
  • Practice good cough etiquette from NSW Health
  • DO NOT attend if you are sick

If you have any further questions or concerns, please call our Customer Service Team on 1300 422 454.

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