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Job Sculpting

JobSculpting or JobCarving allows a business to address “pain points” in their business through targeted recruitment. Many of these pain points are due to your staff being tied up doing tasks that take them away from their core roles.

Consider the following;

  • Highly paid staff performing entry level tasks
  • Poor preparation for the next day due to focus on end of the day activities
  • Not being able to promote your business due to being tied up with administrative tasks

If these are familiar to you our Employer Liaison Consultants can work with you to group these tasks to create a part or full time position. By grouping tasks together it frees up your team to deliver on your business goals and focus on their skill sets. These roles can often be supported through supported wages or wage subsidies resulting in a lower than expected investment for a great return.

Many of our candidates are eager and willing to take on job –carved roles as it will suit their needs and their hours. For our chosen candidates, this will not simply be a job to pay the bills, but an opportunity for them to contribute to the workforce.

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