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Job-ready talent

Our candidates are prepared to work in your business with the right training, certification and skills.

The perfect fit

Our candidates receive hours of preparation so they’ll do a great job for you from day one. This preparation includes skills analysis, goal setting, sector-specific upskilling as well as brand-specific pre-employment training.

We will only send you candidates who are well-prepared and suited to your vacancies. Our dedicated account managers thoroughly screen a large pool of candidates, focusing on their experience, skills and attitude, before putting the right people forward.

Since mid 2015, Olympus Solutions has helped over 6000 unemployed people to find lasting work. We work with thousands of businesses, across all industries, to recruit the right staff.

On-going support

An employee that stays with your business will be better able to understand your systems, processes and team culture and in the long term provide you a great deal of value.

That’s why we continue supporting our candidates through phone coaching and face-to-face meetings so that they continue to succeed in the new role.

This service can continue to add value to your business for 6-12 months depending on the candidate and your business requirements.

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