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As an employer, you can make the change you want to see in the world.

When something needs to change, somebody has to lead the way.

A ChangeMaker is a person, or an organisation, who is brave enough to stand up and say, how it is, isn’t how it needs to stay. A ChangeMaker takes positive action to enhance the lives and circumstances of people in their community. A ChangeMaker is inclusive in their approach, and progressive in their business thinking. They see the opportunities and understand the value of employing people from a broad cross section of the community.

We are inviting members of the business community to be part of our new Employer recognition and support ‘ChangeMaker’ program with the view to establish long term employment opportunities for our job seekers.

This is a three-stage program where we work together to embed motivated job seekers into your business.

1. I’m Interested in Change.

We will meet with you to establish your recruitment needs and talk about where we can find opportunities for job seekers within your business.

2. I’m making Change happen.

We will submit a formal proposal detailing our initial discussions and the solutions and options we can provide you or your business.

3. I’m a Changemaker

As part of the ChangeMaker program you will receive many benefits including;

  • A NO COST Recruitment partner in Olympus Solutions
  • Support with the recruitment process, selection and on boarding of new employees
  • Onsite support for you and your new employee
  • Social Media promotion
  • Offer to backfill for pre-planned leave for your placement
  • Access to networking events with other businesses and ChangeMakers
  • Access to government subsidies and supported wages
  • Tailoring the preparation of our jobseekers to meet your workforce needs

How you can be a ChangeMaker

Our recruitment specialists working with you tailor jobs and tasks to increase retention.

Job-ready talent

We work with you to find job-ready candidates in full time and part time roles.

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Job Sculpting

This involves creating a job by carving out more routine functions from an existing role. A created job could be from 8-15 hours a week.

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Work Experience

Offering work experience enables employers to receive an additional staff member in the team for a specified time.

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Youth Jobs PaTH Internships

Invest in the future of your staff and your business through our Youth Jobs PaTH Internship.

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