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Cystrstyna proves there is a role out there for everyone!

Chrystyna, a participant of the employment services offered at our Blacktown office, registered with us when she was 64 years old. She was a referral from Blacktown Hospital and had raised concerns about finding employment due to her age and disability during her initial appointment.

In the course of Chrystyna’s ongoing appointments, Chrystyna’s consultant worked with her to create a resume, assist with job applications, and brushing up her interviewing skills. With assistance from the Blacktown team, Chrystyna found employment as a medical receptionist after a brief trial in Jan 2019.

In the first six months of employment, Chrystyna chose to engage with our services with post-placement support (PPS). The PPS service aimed at building her confidence through positive reinforcement and making her aware of her entitlements and rights at work. As time went on, Chrystyna developed the confidence to raise any concerns (should they be present) at work.

Fast forward six months, Chrystyna continues to be employed at the center. Not only has she grown into an independent worker, but she was also able to create a purpose in her life and give back to the community.

Chrystyna has successfully exited the service as an independent worker and is an excellent example of no matter the age and experience; there is a role out there for everyone!

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