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Aaron’s PaTH to his dream job

Aaron had been searching for his ideal job for quite a while. He’s dream job was working in the hospitality industry as a barista. His confidence was very low and he felt as through his dream was slipping away and would never eventuate for him.

Aaron didn’t have any experience when he entered the Work for the Dole activity, but with his keen interest in hospitality, Rebecca from the Gosford office saw an opportunity for Aaron to gain hospitality and barista experience with ‘Musicians Making a Difference’ in their café. This activity allowed Aaron to thrive. His confidence grew and though his anxiety was still there, his concerns about being in a work/hospitality environment dissipated. Aaron successfully completed his Work for the Dole activity and continued to volunteer with ‘Musicians Making a Difference’ on his own accord, just to keep his skills up.

Then an opportunity came along for a Café All-Rounder internship and if the intern was successful the position would be for a Café All-Rounder/Hospitality Traineeship. Rebecca identified that this position was a perfect opportunity for Aaron to demonstrate his current skills gained in his Work for the Dole activity and was also the industry Aaron wanted to work in.

Aaron was put forward for the position and commenced into a PaTH Internship and hit the ground running. Aarons new employer, Michael’s Gourmet Foods Pty Ltd said that he was very impressed with Aaron’s skills and abilities and that he could be a real asset to the business. Michael also mentioned that without the Internship program, he wouldn’t have been able to discover someone like Aaron. Aaron successfully moved from internship into employment with Michael’s Gourmet Foods.

A Youth Bonus Wage Subsidy would be provided the training required for Aaron to open and close café

Aaron’s come out of his shell and his confidence has grown and he is now on his way into his dream career.

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