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Many business owners cringe at the thought of having to go through the recruitment process for a new hire.  You probably don’t enjoy scrolling through hundreds of job applications especially when you’d rather spend your time and expertise in making sure the business is running smoothly.

Assessing hundreds of job applications can be time consuming and costly. On top of that, unless you have some experience in interviewing, it can be confusing to decide who the right fit will be for your team.

At Olympus Solutions, we understand the value of selecting the right candidate for your business. Here are our top 4 tips on how we can support you in the recruitment process.

1/ Personalised help in recruiting. Unlike advertising through seek and other online job classified sites you can access personalised assistance in finding the right candidate for your business. We understand the labour market and have good knowledge of local industries, so we are well equipped to helping you create a selection criteria and create the job ads.

2/ We do the screening and shortlisting for you. We have experience reading and analysing different CVs and determining what skill level, what types of qualifications and what level of experience will match the position you are looking for. So you don’t need to spend hours sifting through CV’s, we do all the hard work for you.

3/ Access employer support such as wage subsidies. A wage subsidy is a payment that’s designed to help you to take on new employees and make it a bit easier for you.

Wage subsidies of up to $6500 including GST are available if you employ an eligible job seeker including someone who is under 30 years old, long-term unemployed, Indigenous or a parent. You can also access up to $10,000 if you hire an eligible mature age job seeker through the Restart programme. It’s completely up to you as to how you will use the wage subsidy, many businesses use it to help meet costs of on-the-job training for new staff, or to cover other costs that they’ve incurred while hiring.

4/ Continue to support you and the new employee once they start.
Our specialised Mentors will continue supporting you and mentoring the new employee to ensure that they feel confident in succeeding in their new role. This can take place face to face or over the phone, whatever is most suitable to your business and the new employee.

To start hiring the right person to fit your team, visit our Employers page and find out how Olympus Solutions can help you.